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Our Luxury Services

*All of our grooming packages include a luxurious hydrotherapy bath,

complementary de-shed, ear cleaning, nail trim and seasonal bandana.*


Full Groom Package

This all-inclusive package is the popular service we offer. Length of coat will depend on the clients desire and the dog's lifestyle. Whether you want a short, easy to manage hair length or a high maintenance, long and fluffy length (or everywhere in between!), this package is sure to please. The face and tail can be left in any style or length the owner chooses. But remember, a long fluffy length can only be achieved if the coat is free of mats.

Ultimate Puppy Package

What better way to start your new puppy off with the grooming process than with this ultimate pampering package! One of our gentle groomers will take all the necessary time to introduce your pup to the sights, sounds, and smells of the grooming salon. The visit will start with a warm,. relaxing, hydrotherapy bath and follow with a low-speed blow-dry to ensure a happy, stress-free pup. Next is a little tidy of the face, feet and sanitary area and lastly, a nail trim and ear cleaning. Your pup will officially be introduced to the grooming process in a safe and calm manner to prep them for a lifetime of grooming.

Bath & Tidy Package

This pampering package includes a bath, blow-dry and a tidy of the face, feet and sanitary area. A perfect option for long-coated breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labs, Border Collies or Husky's. This package is also a great option for breeds in long, teddy bear styles as it will help prevent matting before the next full groom.

Client Testimonials

All 3 of our dogs, plus our two cats, get their regular spa appointment with Jodi a few times each year... I know they are well taken care of, and they always come home looking and smelling fantastic! Thanks, Chow Bella!

Heather H.

Our family have been bringing our dog, Bella, to Jodi for grooming for the past year and a half. Bella was 4 months old when we got her and she was very skittish and a real handful! I know that Bella was a challenging dog to work with, however, Jodi never complained or made us feel that she was difficult. Jodi has a lot of patience and always reassured us that our puppy would get used to grooming in time, and she has! Jodi does a wonderful job wether it's a full groom or a bath and tidy, our Bella always looks so great!

Bella's Mom

We love Chow Bella! Super friendly staff, from making the appointment, to arrival all the way to pick-up. When we picked her up, she looked super happy and relaxed with the groomer, which made me super happy. It is definitely a stress-free environment for our fur-babies.

Her haircut was great and the girls were so good with her. The cost was reasonable for the full service package and it included an awesome handkerchief. 

Coco's Mom

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Nail Trimming

*Nail trims are offered on a walk-in basis.

No appointment necessary*

Did you know that proper toe nail maintenance requires a trim every 2-3 weeks? It is important to keep your pet's claws well trimmed as it can cause pain and pressure on the toes and paws if the nails (and quicks) grow too long.

*Dremel available upon request at

additional charge.*

Feline Grooming

Yes, cats deserve spa days too! Our Certified Feline Master Groomers can tailor any look to your preference. Whether that is a lion trim or a spot shave, we offer a variety of feline grooming services. 

However, we will always prioritize the safety and stress level of your cat over completing a perfect groom. Our CFMGs pride themselves on helping all our animal clients maintain a relaxed and positive experience while under our care and this is especially important when it comes to our

furry feline friends.

A La Carte Services

Whether your pooch or kitty needs a teeth tidy, an ear clean, or their face cleaned up, we offer a variety of walk-in services.

Please click here for more information.

Opening Hours

Monday  -  Friday: 9:30 am - Close
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Holidays: Closed

*Hours are subject to change.*

Extended hours to be offered as we

continue to grow and get busier.

Please consider pre-booking your future appointments to ensure your desired date, time and favourite groomer.

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